The Texas Scouts Association was the brainchild of some North Texas area scouts who met for lunch once a week in the Fall of 1994. The group of scouts included Bob Laurie (Marlins), Mark Batchko (Yankees), Dar Cox (Rockies), Ray Crone, Sr. (Orioles), Ray Crone, Jr. (Red Sox), Paul Robinson (Angels), Paul Provas (White Sox), and Jim Hughes (Blue Jays). The idea was batted around (excuse the pun) until it came to a head at a Fall scrimmage. The concept was relayed to a group of South Texas area scouts that included Randy Taylor (Rangers), Tommy Korenek (Giants), and Ben Galante (Mets). Bob Laurie (Marlins) stood on top of a dugout at the fall scrimmage and addressed the group of area scouts to discuss the idea.

On January 1st, 1995, the Texas Scouts Association was officially formed as an organization to promote professional baseball within the communities of Texas and Oklahoma, with a secondary mission being to operate as a charitable entity for those connected to baseball.

Since its inception, the Texas Scouts Association has become a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, elected officers every two years, formed a Hall of Fame, started a yearly Texas Scouts Showcase, and established a Fallen Scout Fundraiser to help with charitable causes related to the baseball community.

The Texas Scouts Association has 100% membership of every area scout in the state of Texas, from all 30 Major League Baseball clubs. TSA continues to thrive as an organization and has become one of the best scouts associations in the country.