The Texas Scouts Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that was formed by Major League Baseball scouts for two purposes.

First, to promote professional baseball in the communities of Texas and Oklahoma and, when applicable, to expose amateur high school players to the possibility of a career in professional baseball. This has been done since TSA's inception, strictly in a non-profit capacity.

Second, to operate as a charitable entity for those connected to baseball. TSA has been able to assist current or former members of the baseball community who were suffering from a myriad of misfortunes, including, but not limited to, personal illness, death of a family member, home fires, and accidents.

TSA raises funds from, but not limited to, membership dues, donations, fundraisers, and a summer baseball showcase. All monies raised are used to pay expenses, make charitable donations, or kept on hand for similar future expenditures. No TSA officer or committee member ever receives pay or personal benefits for any services rendered. All TSA officers and committee members serve and perform all duties strictly on a voluntary basis.